This month, we are delighted to have our second feature in Spirituality & Health Magazine reviewing our new album, “All is Love is All.”

Like Dub Sutra’s first album, 2012’s The Rise of Downtempo, this new release from California-based duo is a thoughtfully crafted weave of digital and organic sounds. Husband-and-wife team Charlotte and Chris Proud bring acoustic instruments like tabla and piano into their downtempo electronica, creating a rich fusion of devotional chanting, yoga music, and sound healing.

While Dub Sutra’s trademark layered vocal harmonies are in full evidence on “All is Love is All,” the album also makes copious use of spoken word. Some examples of this are the Moby-like dub track “Bow to You,” which incorporates excerpts from Jamaican yogi Ian Mair’s poem “I Bow to You,” and “Maya’s Dance,” which sets pieces of Dr. Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” to a three-chord progression enhanced by multiple layers of synths. Charlotte recites scientific data on meditation on “Heightened Awareness,” an electro-dub tune that also features a chant to the Hindu guru Ammachi from Chris and some Indian raga singing from guest vocalist Priya Mohan.

Perhaps the album’s most beautiful piece is “Mira My Mirror,” a voice and guitar-driven song of devotion to Chris and Charlotte’s daughter Mira: “Mira, the sun has risen to give this day to you. All of the birds and the trees have awakened to play with you. Mira, the song on the wind is singing to say to you, in love, ‘Mira, Jaia, ocean of Gaia.'” This song is clever as well as touching: “mira” means “to look” or “to see” in Spanish, thus evoking the image of parents looking at their child and seeing their own divinity mirrored back at them. –Damon Orion

Global sensations Dub Sutra has just revealed the long awaited second volume of sultry downtempo beats for moving meditation titled, “All is Love is All”. The new album, much like their first, takes listeners on a sound healing journey of deep dub bass, mellow break beats, vocal harmonies, and riveting poetry delivered by an amazing cast including: Dr. Maya Angelou; Flautist, JM Aladeen; Native American Poet, Tiger Moon; Raga Vocalist, Priya Dipeeka;,and Dub Poet, Ian Muir. Stream the new album here.



Our new single, GAIA LOVE, is here! This is one of our favorite new songs from our upcoming album and we are so stoked to share it with you. We hope you will be inspired by the message– Release the Fear and Embrace the Love!


We have branched out from our sultry downtempo sound to bring you an upbeat, electronic breaks mix of our unreleased acoustic song, “Concrete and Lies,” We were inspired to create this song during The 2011 Southwest Blackout.

Enjoy and please share!!! Thank you for your support. We love you!

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After a brief musical hiatus to be with our newborn baby, we are finally back at it! Our second album is coming along nicely and we are excited to announce that we will have a new release in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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Upon arrival to our bungalow at the Hawaii Yoga Festival, guess what we found sitting on the table!!? The newest edition of Spirituality and Health Magazine complete with a fantastic review of our album! So honored to be sharing this issue with India Arie!! Feeling grateful.

Here’s what the the reviewer, Damon Orion, had to say about our album:

WHILE WELL SUITED for yoga and moving meditation, the 10 downtempo dub tracks on Dub Sutra’s debut offering made for a rich, transportive headphone listening experience unto itself. Joined by various guest musicians, the Oceanside, California husband-and-wife duo Chris and Charlotte Proud use Sanskrit mantras, exotically harmonized chants, and instruments like tabla, piano, synth, and electronic drums to create and unmistakably authentic sacred space.

The simmering “Tempura Breaks” exemplifies “The Rise of Downtempo’s” delicate balance of gentleness and vibrancy. A hypnotic hammered dulcimer melody and sampled Buddhist monk chants set a meditative tone, while electronic glitches, break beats, and skittering 32nd-note high-hat patterns convey vitality and motion.

The deamlike “Song on the Wind” might be the most moving piece. With its exquisite overlapping vocal lines and Dean Can Dance-ish glossolalia, it comes off as a love song to existence itself: “I feel the sun on my face. I hear a song on the wind. I walk in the light of the grace. I see the beauty within.”



We are pleased to announce that Dub Sutra will be featured at the upcoming Hawaiʻi Yoga Festival, held on Hawaiʻi Island, November 9th through the 17th.

We will be joining more than 50 dedicated and creative teachers from all across Hawaiʻi and beyond, as we celebrate the incredible wisdom found throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

We would like to warmly invite you to join us for this vibrant festival!

Because of our involvement with the festival, we have been provided with a discount code for our friends and supporters:

The discount code will take 25% off festival passes, and you can also quote it for 25% off accommodations at the host facility, Kalani. We are pleased to be able to send this to you as a thank you for supporting us and our music.

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We are hitting the road this Summer with our trailer, our music gear, and our beloved dog (Shakti) to embark on a National Tour!  Yoga Rocks the Park, a benefit for yoga world outreach, has offered to host us at all of their cities across the US. We’ll also be adding other yoga festivals along the way.

If you have any ideas on some more good festivals or yoga gatherings to play near you while we are on tour this Summer, please message us on our contact page or our Facebook page!