Healing with Sound

Dub Sutra is a downtempo sound healing project featuring worldwide influences of live instruments, breakbeats, electro-dub reggae, and harmonious chanting that is perfect for chill out, meditation, and yoga. Dub Sutra’s passion is creating a harmonious mind space by guiding listeners on journeys of discovery and balance, using the proven science and primordial principles of sound healing. They are popular for creating an uplifting and relaxing soundscape, and their live musical journeys are loved by yogis and dancers around the world.

Dub Sutra is the collaborative project of husband and wife producers, Chris and Charlotte Proud, and their worldly array of poets and guest musicians including the work of John Mark Aladeen, Priya Deepika, Tiger Moon, and Dr. Maya Angelou just to name a few. With over 20 years of experience and extensive research on the effects of sound healing, Dub Sutra’s music combines the use of modern sound technology with ancient vibrational healing techniques to take listeners on an inward cosmic journey and stimulate a positive state of mind. Their music has been featured in numerous publications including Spirituality & Health Magazine, and LA Yoga Magazine. They have been a #1 Bestseller on Yogitunes, have performed live for thousands of fans and have amassed millions of streams on online music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Since their first time performing together in 2009 for the Deepak Chopra Musical Satsang, Chris and Charlotte have grown their sound tribe into a global sensation. Having shared the stage with musical greats like Snatam Kaur, Desert Dwellers, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Deepak Chopra, they have played for innumerable crowds at music and yoga festivals including Envision Festival Costa Rica, Hawaii Yoga Fest, Lucidity, Kansas City Yoga Con, 5 Elements Festival, Rise Big Sur, Sedona Yoga Fest, Roots in Bliss Festival, Pranafest, and many more. In addition to their own tours, in 2014 and 2015 Dub Sutra performed to rave reviews for Yoga Rocks the Park, a touring Yoga festival in 10 cities across the United States, and they have contributed to numerous charity music events for organizations including Feeding America, and the One Love Foundation.

Dub Sutra’s first album, “The Rise of Downtempo” creates a blissful state of mind with an hour long continuous mix of inspirational downtempo electronic music that takes you on a journey akin to the style of Pink Floyds’ “Dark side of the moon”. The song, “Song on the Wind” tells the story of a modern day man finding freedom and peace in a connection with the spirit of nature. Watch the video here. Through music and visual art, Dub Sutra is creating a divine experience for all of the senses. Dub Sutra’s music has been described poetically as: “An angel is calling you from across the waters of your own soul. A gentle blessing is reminding you to embrace reality as a dream.” Read a review of the album from Spirituality & Health Magazine here.

In 2017, Dub Sutra released their second full-length album, All is Love is All where they were honored to work with many talented artists and poets as well as secure the rights to use Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still, I Rise.” Her voice and poetry is featured in their latest single, “Maya’s Dance.” Read a review of the album from Spirituality & Health Magazine here.

Whether you are practicing yoga, meditating or simply welcoming a wave of peace into a busy day, Dub Sutra invites you to enjoy the wholeness and grace of the musical moment.