Healing with Sound


Dub Sutra is music made by yogis, for yogis, featuring worldwide influences of breakbeats, dub reggae, Eastern mantras and harmonious chanting with an organic electro downtempo feel that is perfect for yoga. Their live yoga journey events are loved by yogis around the world.

The goal of Dub Sutra is to create a harmonious sound space with intentional music to guide listeners on journeys of healing and balance, and they certainly achieve that goal with their recordings and live events. In 2015 they were the #1 Bestseller on Yogitunes and have been asked to perform by CorePower Yoga Studios, Lululemon Athletica and the Deepak Chopra Center for Music and Meditation workshops just to name a few. Festivals focused on the spirit of yoga such as Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and Hawaii Yoga Festival are asking Dub Sutra to contribute to their highly talented music line-ups. In 2014, Dub Sutra was also featured in Hawaii Yoga Festival’s sponsor magazine, Spirituality & Health.

In 2014 and 2015, Dub Sutra was invited to perform for Yoga Rocks the Park, a touring Yoga festival at cities across the United States giving yogis and audiences across the country a chance to hear and enjoy the entrancing music of Dub Sutra. In 2016, Dub Sutra was honored to secure the rights to use Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still, I Rise.” Her voice and poetry is featured in their latest single, “Maya’s Dance.”

Dub Sutra’s first album, “The Rise of Downtempo” creates a blissful state of mind with an hour long continuous mix of inspirational downtempo electronic music that takes you on a journey akin to the style of Pink Floyds’ “Dark side of the moon”. In addition there is a well-produced video for the song “Song on the Wind” that tells the story of a modern day man finding freedom and peace in a connection with the spirit of nature. Through music and visual art, Dub Sutra is creating a divine experience for all of the senses. Dub Sutra’s music has been described poetically as: “An angel is calling you from across the waters of your own soul. A gentle blessing is reminding you to embrace reality as a dream.”

Dub Sutra is the project of husband and wife super duo Chris and Charlotte Proud, and their worldly array of poets and guest musicians. With years of experience and extensive research on the effects of sound healing, Dub Sutra’s music combines modern sound technology with ancient vibrational healing techniques to take listeners on a cosmic journey and stimulate a positive state of mind.

Whether you are practicing yoga, meditating or simply welcoming a wave of peace into a busy day, Dub Sutra invites you to enjoy the wholeness and grace of the musical moment.